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We offer professional services in Structural Rehabilitation & Retrofitting of buildings and Dismantling of structures both in India & abroad, in different areas of applications such as Bridges, Industrial Building structures, Railways, ports & Harbours, Logistics, Roads & Highways, and Power & Energy.

Our company has a wide experience in the domain of “behavior and life cycle of concrete, Steel and Masonry Structures”.

Our services includes

  • Concrete durability studies,
  • Condition audit of concrete structures,
  • Concrete Repair, Dismantling of structures, Rehabilitation & Retrofitting,
  •  Performance monitoring and health assessment of Concrete Structures.
  • Structural Rehabilitaion/Construction

  • Bridge Inspection, investigation, Non Destructive Testing, synchronized and remedial measures for bridges using Mobile Bridge Inspection Unit.  
  • Shotcreting, Guniting for tunnels, bridges, RCC structures foundations, retaining walls etc.
  • Special Industrial Flooring, self leveling  and vacuum de-watering.
  • Glass & Carbon fibre wrapping and laminations for restoration of RCC beams and columns.
  • Protective coating to bridges, flyovers, RCC chimneys, towers
  • Fixing of steel anchors to concrete structures and rocks.
  • Construction of bridges, barrages, irrigation structures, water supply scheme, multistory buildings, industrial buildings, residential apartments etc
  • Structural Dismantling/Demolition

    We offer complete dismantling services in India and abroad. We are proud to be a member of the National Demolition Association of USA and follow the Associations Code of Ethics in promoting a safe, viable and progressive demolition industry. We offer a demolition service that you can depend upon, and 100% integrated range of services in the field of dismantling full or partial structures using Diamond Technology.

  • Demolition of RCC structures using High raise structures using High reach demolition equipment attached with pulverizer, Breaker, crusher & Combi cutters.
  • Diamond cutting technology using hydraulic wire saw, wall saw, core cutting etc.
  • Core drilling, max diameter 700mm & depth up to 10mtrs vibration-free, low-noise diamond cutting, sawing and slicing of reinforced concrete, using specialized equipments.
  • Bursting of RCC, Splitting of rock by using Darda Splitter.
  • Chipping of concrete using electrical chippers.
  • Hydraulic crushing of RCC upto 300mm thick.
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